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Ricoh IM C3500 Copier Machine
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We Specialized In Copier Machines

As an Office Automation Solutions Provider, we focus on Copier Machine Supply and Maintenance Services in Johor Bahru (JB) since year 2017. Together on providing a better office equipment supplies with Photocopier Machines, Business Printer, Projectors, Walkie Talkie, and Wide Format Printing Machines in Johor, Malaysia.

Better Copier Machine Performance in Johor Bahru


Performance is always our main concern to strive better result for your office workflow.

Better Copier Machine Quality in Johor Bahru


To ensure office equipment having a  zero breakdown is one of our responsibilities in a daily job.

Better Copier Machine Support in Johor Bahru


Hassle free with our responsive support team upon your requests.

Better Copier Machine Efficiency in Johor Bahru


We Prioritize on saving your operation costs with our office solutions.

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Copier Machine Special Program

Copier Machine Package Plan

RM99Per Month


  • Recommended Printing Volume : Below 3000 sheets

  • Printing Speed : 20 ~ 30 ppm

  • Suggested Industry : Starting Up Company

  • Print / Scan / Copy / Fax Optional

  • Brand New / Refurbished Copier

RM299Per Month


  • Recommended Printing Volume : 3,000 ~ 10,000 sheets

  • Printing Speed : 25 ~ 45 ppm

  • Suggested Industry : SME

  • Print / Scan / Copy / Fax Optional

  • Brand New Copier

RM499Per Month


  • Recommended Printing Volume : More Than 10,000 sheets

  • Printing Speed : 50 ppm

  • Suggested Industry : Corporate

  • Print / Scan / Copy / Fax Optional

  • Brand New Copier

Office Copier Machines Brand Choices

We supply wide ranged of Copier Machines in Johor Bahru. Regardless the size of your business, we get you the best suits of office equipment into your daily job.

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