Advantages of DURABrite Ultra Ink

Epson's DURABrite Ultra pigment ink uses pigment-based black and colour inks and offers water-, smudge- & fade- resistant properties on all supported papers, including plain paper.

What is DURABrite Ultra Ink?

Epson’s DURABrite Ultra pigment ink uses an exclusive Microencapsulation technology where each pigment particle is encased in a resin. A unique polymer pulls the particles apart, so they are suspended in the solution and never coagulate. The ink base then helps the DURABrite Ultra pigment particles penetrate the paper. 

What are the advantages of DURABrite Ultra Ink?

  • Wide Media Selection

DURABrite Ultra Pigment ink is optimized for plain paper and matte paper, but it can also produce excellent results on glossy paper. The ink set is compatible with various media sources and is suitable for almost all consumers.

  • Excellent Output Quality

Extra-sharp text and graphics on plain paper. DURABrite Ultra Ink particles “stay” near the surface of the paper and will not be absorbed into the fibers like traditional dye inks. The dot size produced by DURABrite Ultra ink is much smaller than that of dye ink, resulting in clearer output on plain paper. This applies to text and graphics. Double-Sided prints without bleed-through. DURABrite Ultra ink uses a specific technology to control the penetration level of the ink and keep the colorant near the surface. In addition, the output of plain paper and matte paper is optimized with higher optical density, which means your customers will get deeper blacks. Vibrant & bright colour. DURABrite Ultra ink uses an innovative color ink formula to produce vibrant & brighter output on plain paper, matte paper, and glossy paper.

  • Image durability which lasts up to 10 years

Smudge-Resistant Prints. DURABrite Ultra ink, use quick-drying formula. Epson prints can be touched immediately after printing without worrying about stains. Customers can handle prints without worrying about damaging them. Fade-Resistant Prints. DURABrite Ultra ink is more fade resistant than photo lab prints and will not fade as quickly as many competitors prints-even on plain paper. With DURABrite Ultra ink, precious photos and important documents will last for generations. Water-Resistant Prints. Pigment inks such as DURABrite Ultra consist of pigment particles suspended in the ink. Once applied to the paper, they will not dissolve and will not stain if they become wet. The waterproof properties of DURABrite Ultra ink prevent accidental damage caused by moisture and spillage. Many competing printers use waterproof pigment black, but use dye-based colour inks. DURABrite Ultra ink uses pigment-based black and colour inks and provides water resistance on all supported papers including plain paper.

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