10 Expert Large Format Printing Tips

Every business is clamoring for brand recognition and looking for ways to stand out among a sea of competitors. While digital advertising certainly has its place, one method has stood the test of time. Printed posters, trade show banners, murals and signage are still among the best ways to capture people’s attention, and advancements in […]

What Is a Security Threat to Printers?

According to a 2023 industry survey, 55 percent of organizations have a zero trust policy in place. In addition, 97 percent of the surveyed organizations without a zero trust policy were planning to have one within the next 12 to 18 months. In zero trust printing, controls have been added to an organization’s networked printers […]

Can a Printer Get a Virus? How to Protect Against It

Today’s printers have the “brain” of a computer as these devices typically have an operating system, memory and applications. In addition they are often connected to a network (just like any other computer) and can be accessed via WiFi-enabled devices. While printers are basically a computer that prints, businesses of all sizes unfortunately forget to […]

Guide to Standard Dots Per Inch for Printed Work

When sending digitized text or an image to print, resolution matters. The most common method to measure resolution is by dots per inch, also known as DPI. Optimum DPI for a printing application may vary, based on what you are printing, how you are printing it and how your audience will be viewing your document. […]

What’s Included in a Managed Print Services Agreement?

When evaluating quotes between Managed Print Services (MPS) providers, it’s always good to know upfront what exactly is included. Knowing the differences in advance between provider offerings, could prevent unfortunate surprises after you sign an agreement that locks you into a contract. 1. Will They Conduct a Needs Assessment? A fresh, outside perspective is often […]

Promote Sustainability With Printer Ink Cartridge Recycling

Modern inkjet and toner cartridges are amazing pieces of technology when paired with the right printers. The printheads, ink and mapping software combine to precisely aim and place millions of color-matched dots onto a piece of paper in a matter of seconds. Of course, that kind of technology comes at a cost. Despite efforts to […]

The 7 Biggest Office Technology Challenges Businesses Will Face in 2024

How will you help your employees to reduce challenges, increase productivity and grow your business? We’ve found that evaluating and upgrading office technology is a very effective (yet often overlooked) method. Office technology can offer innovative solutions to encourage more effective communication and greater employee collaboration. 1. Optimizing Your Office Technology Solutions Understanding the technology […]

A3 vs. A4 Size Paper Differences and Why It Matters

If you’re not in the office technology business, terms like A3 or A4 might not mean much to you. But when choosing a multifunction printer, A3 or A4 is one of the most important distinctions you need to know. What is A3 Size vs. A4 Paper? A3 and A4 refer to international standard paper sizes […]

Infinity Huat CNY 2024 Promotion

2024 CNY Infinity Huat Huat Huat Promotion! 1. We’re thrilled to present you with a range of limited-time offers you won’t want to miss! Looking for top-notch document printing quality? Our “Paper One 75gsm A4 paper” is now available, limited to 5 reams per customer. It’s an essential choice for your office needs! 2. Explore […]

Why Is My Printer Printing Blurry? 7 Quick Fixes

When you click the “print” button, the expectation is that the printed page will look exactly like the one on your computer screen. But, when the page coming out of your printer is blurry, has streaks or color that fades across the page – frustrations can run high. Sometimes printer errors can be fixed with […]