Blank or Partial Printed Papers Coming Out From Printer in Windows 10 ( Fix )

Recently, we have receive some users reported to have a strange and annoying problem, all of which are facing similar problems in Windows 10 computers. Whenever a user tries to print a document, image or other file, their printer will print white paper/empty paper or partially printed paper. Some readers will crash when trying to print on the printer, such as receiving a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).


Yes it is. This is a known issue that has been identified by Microsoft, and the company has issued a patch/update to resolve this issue.


If you encounter similar issues in your Windows 10 computer system, you need to download and install the KB5001649 update, which can resolve all these known issues.


To install the update, open the “Settings” app in your Windows 10 device and go to the “Update and Security -> Windows Update” page. Alternatively, you can use the “ms-settings: windowsupdate” command in the “Run” dialog box to directly launch this page, as described here.

Under the “Optional Quality Update Available” area, you will get a link to download and install this update. If you don’t see any link, click the “Check for Updates” button and the link will appear as shown in the screenshot below:


Alternatively, you can manually download and install the update from the following link:

Download and Install KB5001649 Update in Windows 10 to Fix Printer Issues

After installing the update program, restart the computer, it should solve all printer-related problems, and now the printer will be able to print all documents and files normally without any problems or blue screen errors.

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