Different of The Color Printing Format

Colour is a great place to catch humans’ eyes. Colour helps us remember objects, influences our purchases and sparks our emotions. As you may know the colours are widely difference from computer screen and to print. This is because the different of RGB and CMYK. Both RGB and CMYK are modes for mixing colour in graphic design. As a quick reference, the RGB colour mode is best for digital work, while CMYK is used for print products.

What is RGB?

Colour from a screen results from a different process than that due to reflection or transmission by a solid or solution. A screen generates three colours of light and the different colours we see are due to different combinations and intensities of these three primary colours. RGB (Red, Green and Blue) is the colour space for digital images. Use the RGB colour mode if your design is supposed to be displayed on any kind of screen. A light source within a device creates any colour you need by mixing red, green and blue and varying their intensity. The best file formats for RGB knows as JPEG, PSD, PNG, GIF.

What is CMYK?

COLOUR PRINTNG, process whereby illustrative material is reproduced in colour on the printed page. In colour copier use four- colour process to produce a complete range of colours which are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black). A printing machine creates images by combining CMYK colours to varying degrees with physical ink. We use CMYK mainly in Branding, Advertising, Essential Materials for marketing purposes and company images. The best file formats for CMYK knows as PDF, AI, EPS.

How to choose Colour Copier?

The WorkForce Pro WF-C878R color multifunction printer, powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechnologyTM, offers the lowest total printing costs in its class. Its Replaceable Ink Pack System delivers up to 86,000 ISO pages (black) and up to 50,000 ISO pages (color), which means fewer interventions and less hassle for you. It speeds through professional-quality prints at 25/24 ISO ppm (black/color), and scans up to 45 images per minute (duplex). With 13″ x 19″ printing, a 1,835-sheet total paper capacity, and convenient auto duplexing, the WF-C878R has the versatility busy workgroups need. And, it helps conserve energy with the lowest power consumption in its class.

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