How to Choose a Suitable Copier for Your Business? Part 1/2

Nowadays, choosing the right copier is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your business. There are many types of photocopiers on the market, with various functions and different prices for you to choose from. Therefore, we have compiled the most common questions you will encounter when looking for a multifunction printer (MFP).

1. What is the Purpose of This MFP?

The answer from your subconscious must be printing but determining what features are needed is important because it will affect the final price to pay and the reliability of the MFP. For example:

  • Do I need colour printing or black and white (monochrome) is sufficient?
  • Do you need a smart device that can use OCR to read the text and automatically transfer documents?
  • Do you need binding functions, such as binding or booklet creation?
  • Will the device be used by a few people all the time, or will visitors also need to print?

2. How Much Will You be Printing?

Each company has its own unique needs in terms of printing and copying capabilities. How do you determine the suitable copier for your business? When buying a new copier, determining the quantity to be printed is a good starting point. Each multifunctional machine is designed to handle a specific print volume. If you buy a device that is not suitable to handle your print volume, you may save a few dollars in advance, but it will wear out faster than expected. In the long run, you will spend a lot more on service and downtime. According to experience, the monthly print volume can be converted into pages per minute (ppm) printing speed. For example, organizations that print 4000 to 7000 pages per month are generally satisfied with 25 ppm devices, while businesses that print up to twenty ,000 pages per month generally consider using devices that can handle 50 ppm or higher.

3. What is Your Budget To Buy the Copier?

Shopping that only considers the budget is not the best way to make beneficial decisions for your business. However, this is an important consideration when looking for the right copier. The price of average multifunction copier ranges from RM4,000 to RM 16,000. Because MFP prices vary widely, it’s crucial to understand how much you’re willing to spend at the beginning of the process.

Another consideration is whether you want to buy equipment directly and treat it as capital expenditure or prefer to lease equipment and treat it as a business expense. Regardless of your budget, there are always options available. Some of our customers will choose to buy refurbished second-hand copiers, which are traditionally much cheaper than before, depending on the age of the equipment, which also means that maintenance costs may be higher.

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