How to Identify Excellent Photocopier After Sales Services??

In general, after sales services could be defined as any service provided after a customer has purchased a product. After-sales service may be provided by a retailer, manufacturer, or a third-party customer service or training provider. For example, have you ever faced any service issue like technical experts will attend to service your device on the next day? Photocopier continuously breakdown for 3 times a month ? or the issues you faced couldn’t be solved by current service provider? Hence, isn’t it very frustrating when you couldn’t complete your working time? As an authorised photocopier dealer and service provider, we provide excellent after sales service to our customers because our mission is to continuously improve the quality of business working environment of our partners.

First and foremost, as an authorised service provider we have a well trained and certified technical support team. Our technical support team always attend to product training and constantly upgrading on their product knowledge so that they could identify the problem as well as help our customers to solve their problems. In addition, we also provide free pre-installation because it is one of the most common after-sales service. Providing a good installation service helps establish a good customer service relationship. Copiers and business printers require professional technical experts to install and setup. We will also provide a demonstration during the installation process, whereas our professional technical support team will install the product then demonstrate the function of the product. In this way, users can fully utilize the functions of our multi-function devices, which can improve the efficiency of workflow.

Besides that, quality assurance is also very important. Quality assurance can be defined as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.” We provide 1 to 1 exchange for our photocopier machines if the machine is faulty and couldn’t be fix due to technical issues. This could help to maintain a good customer relationship as our products have certified warranty coverage during their contract period and they wouldn’t have to worry about the repairing fees. Furthermore, we also provide preventive maintenance for all our customers. Our technician will attend to customer’s site to check the machine condition every month so that we could prevent the rate of photocopier breakdown. We also monitor the usage of customers using real time monitoring system so that we could prepare to deliver toner or ink packs before these parts are fully worn out. We insist on using genuine parts such as toner, inks and other consumable parts so this could lower down the rate of breakdown. This could guarantee the quality of our products and customers can print without worries.

Moreover, prompt response is also a key point in excellent after sales services. Prompt response could be defined as taking immediate action to execute or solve a problem. Our technician had achieved 95% on site services within 2 hours when our customers had contact us if the facing photocopier issues. Our admin department will inform customers the estimated arrival time of the technicians or the machine status through e-mail or WhatsApp. This could prevent our customers from wasting their time without knowing when our services team would attend to service their photocopier.

Lastly, online support is the last key point of excellent after sales services. Nowadays, companies have begun to provide online support for any product-related inquiries. Customers can call for online support or chat according to their preferences to discuss and solve product problems. Online support is very effective for software services and laptop support. In most cases, customer service can share the screen and solve the problem immediately. To elaborate, we offer lifetime online support exclusively for our customers. They could call us anytime during working hours, our technical expert will support immediately thru phone or online apps like TeamViewer or AnyDesk. This could minimize the waste of time to solve minor problems in the most effective and efficient way.

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