My Boss Yelled at Me Because I Print Too Much A3 Printing!!!

During this technology blooming era, printers have been a prominent equipment needed in every company, office and household. As we know printers could be differentiate into two main categories which are laser printers and inkjet printers. Nowadays, most of the printers supports up to A3 size printing and equipped with multifunction such as copy, print, scan fax and remote connectivity. This has been a great impact as workflow could be done in the most simple and efficient way.

According to accumulated statistics, did you know that most of the companies actually limits their employee from printing A3 copies. Here are some facts, A3 is actually equivalent to two A4 papers. Hence, the printing charges are doubled and only 20% of companies print A3 copies frequently. This is due to different industries have different printing demand. Based on our inhouse research, statistics shown that the following industries print A3 copies frequently, which are graphic designer, interior design, construction company and SME offices. These industries mainly print A3 for better view on data analysis, high graphic posters, construction site plan or promotional posters.

So, what’s good of having an A3 business printer? Having an A3 multifunction business printer could increase your daily productivity by saving time and unnecessary trouble to visit printing shops for A3 copies. Furthermore, you could save your monthly operating costs. For example, you enjoy lower printing rates than printing shops.

Lastly, having a multifunction business printer could benefit you in your daily workflows. A brand-new multifunction business printer is equipped with the latest technology. For example, auto duplex printing and scanning could save your trouble from flipping the paper when you want to print on two sides. Modern business printers also have higher page yield than outdated photocopiers. Now, you only need to refill once and able to print up to 7,500 pages. In addition, you could also save up to RM 400 annually for electricity bills. Based on statistics, a brand-new business printer is more energy efficient compare with old photocopier machines. Moreover, you could print remotely with build in Wi-Fi Direct or wireless connectivity. Print whenever you want at anywhere you are!

Our company have a professional technical support team which serves various types of industries and we hope the sharing will gain you more knowledges about choosing the right business printer and partners to continuously help you improve your business environment!

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