Photocopier Tips : How to Prevent Breakdown?

Let’s explore some photocopier preventive maintenance tips that can help to reduce unexpected or frequent photocopier breakdown!
  • Load the paper correctly

Paper jams happens occasionally and users had to face with the cumbersome task of trying to remove paper shreds. Actually, paper jam is an avoidable photocopier problem. To avoid paper jam, it is important to load the paper correctly. Most people are very anxious, but push the paper into the tray without foreseeing. Although the top layer seems to be placed correctly, the bottom layer may misaligned or wrinkled, which may cause a paper jam when the machine lifts the paper. Therefore, make sure that the paper is stacked tightly and aligned evenly. Paper quality is also important in terms of paper jams. Using recycled paper might occasionally cause paper jam due to the edge of the paper might have wrinkled or folded. Paper scraps and dirty paper trays can also cause paper jams and do not excel the maximum input capacity of the paper tray. Nowadays, most photocopier paper trays are built to hold a maximum capacity of 550 sheets paper. Although, this may not seem important, but it can actually help you avoid paper jams caused by too many input trays.

  • Switch off your photocopier

Switching off the photocopier is the easiest tip to maintain the copier. Sometimes we overlook the simplest maintenance tasks. You can switch off the photocopier during weekends to extend the life of photocopier. By pressing the “Close” button, you will also save up on your electricity bills.

  • Warm up your photocopier before heavy utilize it

Before heavy utilize your photocopier, you need to warm up the copier. If you turn on the copier again during weekdays, please give it some time to warm up. If it is turned off, calibration may be required. Remember that repeatedly pressing the “Copy” button will not speed up the process. Allow the calibration mode to complete its important work.

  • Empty The Waste Toner

Have you received this error code warning you that the waste toner box is nearly full or full? Ignore this warning and your copier will eventually stop running. Toner replacement is a simple photocopier maintenance task that can be completed by users. It can be done without the use of any tools. Just pull out and plug in the new toner cartridge and the machine will run itself.

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