Refurbished Photocopier VS Brand New Photocopier

Nowadays, photocopier has been a prominent office equipment for every business environment. Brand new photocopiers are so expensive, but there’s another option which is refurbished photocopiers. A refurbished photocopier is a used copier that has been diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician. The refurbished photocopier unit has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired.

Brand-New Photocopiers

  1. There’s lots to love about the idea of a brand-new photocopier. Equipped with latest technology and design, guaranteed to function well in daily basis, cost efficient and won’t have much environment impact. But this comes with a price!
  2. When choosing a brand-new photocopier, it’s possible to have budget concerns due to high-end brand-new photocopier costing few ten-thousands. Hence, most of companies did not choose a brand-new photocopier due to budget issues. After all, they would love to save money on operating costs! In this stage, it is wise to look for a refurbished photocopier and further explore the options!


Refurbished Photocopiers
Finally, the consideration of choosing refurbished photocopiers. According to statistics, 75% of most companies choose to purchase a refurbished photocopier unit. These refurbished photocopiers have attracted the attention of these companies. These are the reasons why people tend to choose refurbished photocopiers:

  1. SAVE COST. Refurbished photocopiers are much affordable than the new ones. Companies with budget concerns could also get a good and quality refurbished copier for just half the price of a brand new photocopier. Most refurbished photocopiers also comes with basic functions which is sufficient in daily operation.
  2. EASE OF MIND. Most refurbished photocopiers comes with warranty covered by the supplier or service provider. Having a refurbished photocopier could still enjoy the same services offered for a brand-new photocopier. They offer professional advice and services hence you could rely on the quality of the refurbished photocopier which has been guaranteed.

Our company have a wide selection of product range from brand-new photocopiers, refurbished photocopiers and business printers. We hope this sharing will gain you more knowledges about choosing the suitable photocopier for your business!

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