The Myths of Inkjet Printing Technology

During this technological blooming era, people still harbour misconceptions about inkjet printing technology. The fact is inkjet printing has evolve throughout these years and it is more advanced. Here's some myths and facts about inkjet printing technology.

Myth 1: “Inkjet Printing Technology is more expensive than laser.”

Fact 1: Compared with laser printers, customers can print up to 4½ copies with 2 ink cartridges of each colour with inkjet printing technology.
  • Epson’s WorkForce Pro (WFP) models can print twice as many as competitive colour laser printers
  • Compared with colour laser printers and copiers, Epson WFP replaceable ink pack system (RIPS) models can print up to 4½ times


Myth 2: “Laser printers are more productive than inkjet technology”

Fact 2: The first page out time for inkjet printing technology is 3½ faster than laser
  • For a typical commercial print job of a few pages, the WorkForce Pro model is 1½ times faster laser. This is due to the inkjet printing technology have a simpler mechanism compared with laser.


Myth 3: “Laser printers offer ‘better quality printing’ than inkjet technology”

Fact 3: Inkjet printing technology provides professional output quality by precisely controlling the shape and volume of ink droplets
  • With Epson’s PrecisionCore printing technology, the print head density is three times of a traditional piezoelectric print head, and the native output of each print chip is 600 or 720 dpi, hence it could deliver to a maximum quality of 4800 x 1200 dpi


Myth 4: “Inkjet technology is less reliable than laser technology.”

Fact 4: Compared with laser printers, inkjet printing technology requires less user intervention and is therefore more reliable
  • The Epson’s WorkForce Pro model has passed BLI’s “reliability certification” and can print up to 75,000 times without paper feed errors and no service calls. A simpler mechanism means it requires less parts to function, the lesser the parts, the lower the breakdown rate.


Myth 5: “Inkjet technology is not eco-friendly”

Fact 5: Inkjet technology can reduce most of the waste associated with printing and uses 82% less energy than lasers
  • When printing up to 80,000 pages, Epson’s WorkForce Pro model generates 95% or 77 kg less waste than laser copiers. Inkjet printing technology uses less energy because it does not require heat to print instead of that the printhead sprays the ink from each nozzle so it is way more energy efficient.