The Pros & Cons of Laser Copier

Nowadays, copier has been a prominent equipment in every workspace. This article analyses and explains the pros and cons of having a laser copier.

Pros of Laser Copier

1. Good Performance & Reliable

Nowadays, modern laser copiers are built for printing large volumes. They can print multiple pages without occur malfunction. Most copier manufacturers now offer laser copier with print speed ranged from 20 PPM and up to 120 PPM if you needed. With high speed printing, this makes the printing process much faster on the same time boost up your productivity and efficiency. Even though laser copier has a much complicated mechanism, they are generally reliable and durable. Unlike ink cartridges, toner does not dry out and evaporate. Toner cartridges can generally print 1500-60,000 pages. If used properly, laser copiers can last or more than 10 years.

2. Cost Efficient & Excellent Printing Quality

Although the initial cost of laser copiers is higher, it offers affordable printing rate compared with inkjet copiers. Unlike inkjet copiers, laser copier uses toner instead of ink cartridges. Most toner cartridge achieve more copies than ink cartridges at the same price. Besides that, laser copiers offers excellent printing quality. Especially the printed text can be seen clearly and accurately. This is mainly due to the use of laser technology to fuse toner directly into the paper. Therefore, it is completely free of smudges and stains.

Cons of Laser Copier

1. Limited Paper Types & Poor Graphics Handling

The paper types used on laser copiers must be specific. There are specific laser papers designed for media printing . If you use any poor-quality paper, it may damage the copier. As we all know, heat sensitive media can cause paper jams for laser copiers. Laser copiers are not quite good on handling high-quality graphics images. This makes them not recommended for printing photographs and other complex graphic materials. The preferred choice here is an inkjet copier.

2. Bulky Physical Size & High Power Consumption

Generally speaking, laser copier contains a much complicated mechanism with parts like imaging drums and other components this makes them larger and heavier. Therefore, this limits their portability making them unfavourable to carry around. Moreover, laser copiers has a higher power consumption even on idle. This is because the fixing elements inside the copier requires heat to function. However, with the latest technology laser copiers now have a “power saving” mode, which can help to reduce the power consumption when idle.

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