Utilize Remote Print for Better Efficiency

Utilise remote printing increases your productivity and also benefit you in a day to day basis.

Remote Print improves both the power and reach of your computer or laptop, without the need to worry about formatting or font issues. Using it is as simple as clicking on File/Print to send your file to a printer at anywhere with Wi-Fi connection. Best of all, you can access and control advanced print options.

Nowadays, ,many third-party remote printing applications are readily available in the market. However, users can easily set up the remote printing feature in their operating system without employing a specific application.

The 3 keys factors that how remote print will benefit in your day to day basis.

  1. Cost reduction – secured release printing prevents automatically printing
  2. Increase productivity – No more long queue, just send your documents to print and collect it afterwards
  3. Safe and secure – removes the need to email and download documents over unsecured networks.