What is an All-in-One Printer? Advantages and Disadvantages

All-in-one printers, also known as multifunction printers (MFPs) or multifunction devices (MFDs), revolutionized office equipment by consolidating multiple office machines into one multitalented device.

Years ago the only option a business had was to purchase single-function office technology devices. Now, all-in-one printers pack a powerhouse punch, positively impacting office productivity.

What Can an All-in-One Printer Do?
How you wish to configure your all-in-one printer, depends upon the needs of your business and the physical location of your employees.

The most common function choices for an all-in-one printer, include:

Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing

More functions typically equal higher prices. So, choose wisely and include only the functions that your staff will use.

There are also a variety of different options that can be added to your device. Survey the needs of your staff and ask open-ended questions to discover how an all-in-one printer may assist in streamlining existing office-related administrative processes. These answers will also help in determining where optimal locations are to place these devices closest to the employees who will use them.

Options to consider include:
Wireless connection, Duplex printing, Trays to accommodate multiple paper sizes, Large capacity paper drawer, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanning and sorting text data, Data validation, File sharing, Sending scanned documents via email, Stapling, Booklet making, Hole punching and etc

Larger all-in-one printers are designed to have room for additional paper capacity and/or finishing options. However, there are also compact, desktop-style all-in-one printers designed for smaller offices or remote workers.

From start to finish, your all-in-one printer will be configurable and will be a key asset in transforming your business processes and reaching your organizational goals – faster!


Many businesses are switching from single function devices to all-in-one printers in order to gain strategic advantages over the management of their office technology resources.

What could your business do with one (or more) all-in-one printers? Here’s the advantages you could expect to see:

  1. Gain more open floorspace. Instead of multiple machines, having everything all in just one device will save valuable floor and/or counter space in your office areas. Less clutter, more function.
  2. Increase Employee Efficiency. Streamline process steps and reduce the workload for your staff. All-in-one devices increase convenience for everyone.
  3. Better Document Management. Instead of learning multiple systems, quickly manage your documents within the same workflow.
  4. Save Energy. Having fewer devices to plug in will save energy!
  5. Save Money. Overall, all-in-one printers have been a win-win for businesses looking to do more for less money. It’s a budget saver!


The advantages of an all-in-one printer definitely outweigh the disadvantages. However, there are a couple of things to be aware of, should you consider adding an all-in-one printer into your office environment.

  1. Too many people at one machine. If multiple people are trying to use the same device at the same time, you could end up with a line of employees impatiently waiting their turn. Consider reformulating your office technology plan and purchasing an additional all-in-one printer (or more) to alleviate this bottleneck.
  2. A broken printer could reduce office productivity. In the event that an all-in-one printer needs service, it may temporarily snarl multiple everyday processes and hamper office productivity. To combat this, check with your Managed Print Services (MPS) provider to know what their average service call response time is.

Working with a Managed Print Services Provider

Relying on the expertise of a Managed Print Services provider, like Folo Tech, can assist you in streamlining your print fleet. And we’re got the tips and tricks to share with you to make sure your printing and copying projects run smoothly.

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