Advantages of Inkjet Technology

Although laser copiers are the most popular in the workplace, there are still some companies that prefer inkjet copiers. Like other products, inkjet copiers also have advantages and disadvantages. It is best to have a simple understanding of the advantages before making any decisions.
  • Excellent Performance & Consistent Output Quality

Unlike laser copiers, inkjet copiers do not require wake-up time. There’s no need to heat up the copier before printing. After switch on the printer, you can print immediately. Modern inkjet copiers are built for huge printing volume with the least breakdown rate. Nowadays, inkjet copiers have been using full range pigment ink. They can provide high-quality output for images and text. By using pigment ink, the printing could be resistant from smudge, water & fade for up to 10 years. Due to its finer and smoother details, it is recommended to use an inkjet copier for high-resolution photo printing.

  • Compact Physical Size

Unlike laser copiers, which require much more space, inkjet copiers are compact in size. Even the high-end models of inkjet copiers require less space than laser copier due to lesser parts and simpler mechanism to function. If there is not sufficient space in the workplace, then inkjet copiers will be the ideal choice.

  • Energy Saving & Low operating cost

Inkjet copiers are eco-friendly to the earth. Mainly because it doesn’t require any heat to function hence you will save up electrical energy and emit lesser CO2 compared with laser copiers. You could also save up on your electricals bills when you choose inkjet copier as your daily support. With a much simpler mechanism, inkjet copiers are much durable and cheaper for day-to-day operations. Hence, you won’t spend a lot of money for maintenance in the future because lesser parts, lesser maintenance times or cost.

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