Common Problem for Photocopier

Photocopier is a necessity in the office. Whether you rely on a desktop printer or a multi-function device, you can’t deny that the office photocopier is as busy as the staff themselves! If regular maintenance is not performed, the demand may cause copying problems, such as paper jams, ink cartridge and toner problems, stripes or lines on the paper, page wrinkles, discoloration of prints, and random spots on prints.
  1. Paper Jam
  2. Frequent paper jams can cause pauses and backlogs, which may cause unexpected office outages. Paper jams usually occur at the worst time and are usually caused by poor device settings. The causes of paper jams include using the incorrect type or thickness of paper, loading paper incorrectly, or accumulating dust inside the copier. If the user stacks too many pages within the feeder, it’ll almost certainly cause a paper jam. In order to revive the office photocopier to normal, you would like to manually clear the paper jam, then reload the paper or align it with the right paper size. take care to not pull out the jammed paper too quickly, otherwise small torn pieces of paper could also be left within the copier. If your office photocopier continues to jam, please contact your service provider for assistance, as they’ll got to clean the device tires or check for dust build-up inside the machine. 

  3. Cartridge & Toner Problem
  4. If you are not using the right toner or ink cartridge for a selected photocopier model, problems may occur because most photocopiers require a specific type of ink cartridge/ toner. If you employ incompatible ink cartridges/ toner, this will cause the photocopier to malfunction. Insufficient toner. If your toner is low or spent, an easy replacement should solve all problems. If this is often not the case, it means there’s a malfunction thanks to manufacturer errors or compatibility issues. In this case, kindly contact your trusted photocopier expert as they are going to assist you to determine which toner is most compatible together with your photocopier. 

  5. Stripes or Lines On Paper
  6. If the print out of the photocopier continues to point out stripes, lines, or other distortions-even if the paper is snow white when viewed within the feeder, it can make your important documents look sloppy and unprofessional. Stripes or lines often appear on the paper thanks to foreign objects on the scanner glass or problems with the fuser of the photocopier. If you employ a multifunction photocopier, it’s caused by a malfunction of the toner cartridge or developing unit. For instance , a malfunctioning drum blade may cause larger lines to seem vertically below the printed page. Regardless of the rationale behind it, stripes or lines on the paper are unlikely to be a photocopier problem that you simply can solve. The simplest option is to possess knowledgeable photocopier expert provide services for your photocopier to quickly find and fix the matter.  

  7. Wrinkled Pages
  8. Wrinkles or wrinkled page on the printed page are usually caused by the abrasion of the device roller and therefore the paper output roller, leading to paper jams or wrinkled pages. To solve this problem, you’ll buy a replacement paper cassette, otherwise you can request your service provider to repair the fixing unit. Although it seems that a number of the paper within the machine is jammed or overloaded, page wrinkles usually indicate that your copier is just too worn to function properly. If the sole problem together with your photocopier isn’t the wrinkled pages, consider it is time to rent or buy a replacement machine. With the rapid development of technology, continuous repair and maintenance of outdated machines may cause high costs. To satisfy your evolving printing and copying needs, upgrading office equipment may sometimes be a far better investment.  

  9. Discoloured Printing
  10. Smudges, poor image quality or discoloured printing are often incredibly frustrating to affect during a busy day. If your printed pages are too light or too dark, it could mean that the density controls on your photocopier are imbalanced. Consult your printer’s manual to seek out the way to reset them or call a photocopier specialist to urge expert advice.  

  11. Random Spots Across Your Copies
  12. No one wants their professional work documents to have random spots over it. If your printing is fill with random spotting across them, it might be thanks to debris on the copy mirror. You can fix this by simply cleaning the copy glass and mirror. Most photocopier manuals will provide some recommendations for a way to travel about the cleaning process and suggest which products to use. Random spotting across your copies is, however, a particular indicator that your office photocopier had a defect in the drum. Replacing drums should fix the issue. As photocopiers are such an important tool for completing daily office tasks, it is vital to have regular servicing and maintenance to extend their lifespan.

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