The Difference Between Domestic Printer & Copier

During this technological blooming era, printers and copiers has been a prominent equipment in the office or business environment. A photocopy machine is very useful for duplicating paper documents or visual images. Some people may refer to it as a photocopier or a multi-function printer.

Multi-Function Copier

A Multi-Function Copier is also known as a copy machine, copier, photocopier, multi-function printer, or MFP which incorporates multiple functions into one office machine. Over the last few years, copiers has decreased its overall space that it stood up on the floor and merged into a single device with multiple functions that can be accessed by the entire office if needed.

Originally the name for this device was a multi-function peripheral that means it could copy, scan, print, fax, and email documents because it has built in Wi-Fi function which allows you to print and send from anywhere. Thus, with the support of additional software, the device could do even more by manage the document workflow and secure documents so that an organization can increase efficiency, control access, or meet industry compliance guidelines. Over time, this name has commingled with other names like printer and copier. So, you may hear someone interchange the terms in multi-function copier with multi-function printer, MFP or copier. The terms all refer to the same device.

Domestic Printer

Domestic printer are the desktop or home use version of copier. Manufacturers built devices for consumers that could, scan, copy, print, and fax using inkjet technology to keep the price low but still give them a useful device for the home or office.

These devices should not be used in office environments because they cannot keep up with even a small workload. They typically come bundled with software packages to organize photos, OCR (optical character recognition) software, and typically connect to a desktop PC using USB or a parallel interface. OCR (optical character recognition) is that the use of technology to differentiate printed or handwritten text characters inside digital images of physical documents, like a scanned paper document. The basic process of OCR involves examining the text of a document and translating the characters into code which will be used for processing . OCR is usually also mentioned as text recognition.

Recently, the devices can also connect via Wi-Fi to your home network so others can use the device. They are typically much slower in printing, copying, and scanning, and since they are based on inkjet printing technology, it will cost you more to run this device at higher print volumes long term.

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